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Sooo the day has finally arrived!!!!!!!!!! And idk what to feel!! Soo many mixed emotion but I absolutely love this video!!!! And idk about you guys but I noticed something!!! Of course this video and I need you are connected and in I need you Jhope overdosed and died on the bridge well in this video I guess they are showing us that he didn't die(thus him being in the bed with Iv's etc but at the same time Jin keeps spacing out in the video so it still could be just memories to him or he's may not be there and Jimin once again meets the tub(where he drowned but he never died ) Kookie and the car meet again (driven by Jin )ughhh why do they do this !!! Seriously this video is soo deep yet soo amazing I love there idgaf attitudes in this and idk about y'all but namjoon looked extremely sexy when he got arrested I nearly died😂
I agree Rapmon looked frigging hot up against that police car.... why do girls love bad boys? It's a twisted sickness.
V also looked hot.. hahah no? ok :x