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Well , "10 top most promiscuous countries" the tittle said it all, but before i listed the countries out, if you are underage, please turn off this page right away !! Cause this post is not for you, this one is for the young single travellers out there, the liberal, free thinkers of todays world… The top 10 most promiscuous countries in the world; from 1 (people ‘are doing it’ everywhere, even on the streets) to 10 (you might have to buy them a drink first) 1. Finland 50.5 2. New Zealand 47.69 3. Slovenia 46.26 4. Lithuania 46.1 5. Austria 45.73 6. Latvia 43.93 7. Croatia 42.98 8. Israel 40.95 9. Bolivia 40.9 10. Argentina 40.74
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hehe yah i wonder the same!! Since Sweden is also famous for one night stand kind of a thing
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i think this tip is only for men !!!
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i dont know if the Finns was on top :) But the women here is kind of promiscuous ! simply we are really equal here :)
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I should have seen it before I married! Maybe I wanna go there with my hubby
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@crystalpark : You did know what is Promiscuous right ? :D:D You cannot see it , just experience it !
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