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*Author Note* Today I will be doing a double update for this story because these chapters are sort of short so chapter 4 will also be up later TODAY!! But yes this is CHAPTER 3 so if you wanna join the adventure of this story don't start here you gotta go back to CHAPTER 1 :P
Ji: oh...hyung good morning it's nice to see you we were just about to have breakfast. I'll get you a pla- TOP: *cutting him off* NO....I mean- what are you still doing here. You know we have a meeting this morning Ji: *whining* ah - aish TOP: you told me to pick you up remember....quickly get dressed I'll meet you in the car *turns out starting to leave*
Ji: *stuttering* jagi- I'm really sorry, but YG will have my head Y/N: no its okay, go .....besides I'll see you when you get back. It'll only be a short while *you give a small smile* Ji: ah, you really are the best *he hugs you tightly before running to get dressed*
Y/N: *you turn to pick up the bowl of pancake batter off the table when you see top still standing in the door frame, he startles you a bit *  TOP: you really shouldn't be like this Y/N: what do you mean? TOP: *raises his hand to whip the batter off of your face* Y/N: cho- TOP: I mean really at this rate , how were you guys expecting to actually eat the pancakes..*chuckles*
*you hear foot steps approaching* Ji:hey jagiya TOP: *leaves the room seconds before GD enters* *the door clicks and TOP is gone* Ji: I was thinking about it and why don't you just come with me Y/N: I don't know Ji I think I'll just be in the way Ji: no you won't be, it's be fine really just come with me Y/N: um...I don't know Ji: don't be like that jagi it'll be fun *grabs your arm and pulls you out the door*
don't tell Me T.O.P. likes me as well. what am I going to do. look forward to next chapter
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