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Well most of you who look at my cards pretty much know my bias is Jhope, and since it's Jhope day that I'm super excited. I am going to post a bunch of Gifs and probably a video at the end of this. I hope you all enjoy the weirdness of Jhope today.
we all Know that Jhope is one of the wierdest of the group and makes you think "what the heck are you doing" but he still is amazing while being an idiot.
Not to mention all his crazy energy that he has! how does he have so much energy tho?
Jhope seriously acts like a puppy all the time. Always hyper, playful, making puppy dog faces and so much more.
and theres a shirtless Jhope. Such a rare opportunity. XD
Annnndddd.... Here is the Video of the crazy Jhope. I hope you enjoyed this card. Have a Hopeful day. :D
nice lol and im glad you put one of the weirdest cause we all know V is #1 at that that 4d alien
@amandamuska Enjoy the Jhopeness