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Omo did you see V? That tounge thing...dont do and did you see he was eating the card like a goat lol.
oh kookie! your face is marked.... but you tried....
Omo did you see Suga was running!!! On top of that he was smiling!!!
Jin seems so sad....poor baby :(
J-hope.... I don't know what to say.... your so sad...
This picture with Jimin like that damn sexy he's killing me.... can you tell J-hope is smiling???
Jimin is looking damn fine in this MV the last 2 pictures he killed me.... he is too sexy!
Rap monster ... I can't forget you! He wasn't really doing anything like the others were but he's still cute as heck in this MV.
The group shots I got.. I love these guys and I'm so excited for there comeback!!! I wanna listen to the album right now! lol What parts got you? @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @kpoplover1995 @AbbyHudson @kpopandkimchi @Nadinerrz @Emealia @B1a4bts5ever
@SarahVanDorn Imma watch it again when I get home Gonna go reflect on life over a stack of pancakes and coffee
@tannyo lol I know right it was amazing! @Emealia well yes of course all of it
when they put jimin and v in the bath tube and when i saw v under water
When Rapmon was on that cop car 😍😍😍 i would go to jail with him
The scene with Suga and Kookie i was crying!!
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