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Hello guys!
I've been pretty busy -- spending as much time as I can with my family. I have had a great few days, and I feel pretty blessed. Thanksgiving this year was a bit small for me this year. I went over to my cousin's house and it was a gathering of a few. My stomach was totally craving Puerto Rican food -- but I was met with an Italian-style Thanksgiving instead. The food was still great, though. Thankfully, I was still able to get some Puerto Rican food leftovers by other family members.
I was faithfully brought back a large tuber-ware of turkey, pernil, rice, and other Puerto Rican goodies...
This year for Thanksgiving I only had one normal plate of food. And I didn't drink. I'd say this was the first time I had a Thanksgiving where I felt in control. I wasn't limiting myself because I am trying to eat healthy (I will be back food prepping and dieting in a couple of days!), but because I hate feeling gross and heavy.
So yeah.
How was everyone's Thanksgiving?!
@Melodicballon I love pupusas....
@jibarito aw sounds like you had fun. I am glad you did :) :)
@Arellano1052 I wasn't even really hungry! It was seriously weird. And I think because I didn't really want Italian food. Gahhhhh I love extra sharp cheddar cheese -- it's my favorite. Ibet that tasted amazing.
Oh no, that sounds horrible lol Not eating during Thanksgiving, I mean! Kudos to you for that self control! For four years of high school, I wasn't allowed to eat during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years because I was wrestling and I would drop 25-30 pounds and have to keep it off. I hope you enjoy your Tupperware(s) of goodies lol And, as far as this Thanksgiving went, I actually made a ham and a two cheese (Extra sharp cheddar and Gruyere) Mac and Cheese. And my day consisted of finishing season two and starting Season three of Scandal and playing League of Legends all day long lol
@alywoah ehhh the life of an Officer but it was worth it 馃槅
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