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How Was Everyone's Thanksgiving?!
Hello guys!
I've been pretty busy -- spending as much time as I can with my family. I have had a great few days, and I feel pretty blessed. Thanksgiving this year was a bit small for me this year. I went over to my cousin's house and it was a gathering of a few. My stomach was totally craving Puerto Rican food -- but I was met with an Italian-style Thanksgiving instead. The food was still great, though. Thankfully, I was still able to get some Puerto Rican food leftovers by other family members.
I was faithfully brought back a large tuber-ware of turkey, pernil, rice, and other Puerto Rican goodies...
This year for Thanksgiving I only had one normal plate of food. And I didn't drink. I'd say this was the first time I had a Thanksgiving where I felt in control. I wasn't limiting myself because I am trying to eat healthy (I will be back food prepping and dieting in a couple of days!), but because I hate feeling gross and heavy.
So yeah.
How was everyone's Thanksgiving?!
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@alywoah it was exhausting...I worked a 16 hr shift and then went home cooked and had half a plate food before I fell asleep....but the joy of spending time with my family and cooking with my mom was fantastic! how was urs?
It was pretty cool. I had lots of food choices and very few family members. 馃槉
wow sorry you had to work on Thanksgiving! I am glad it all worked out. Mine was very low key but nice. @ssantiago0911
Lot of food, Lot of animals running around, and my cats jumping into the Christmas tree xD I think I had a satisfying holiday