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Watch the new Bts Comeback MV - Run before reading. After watching the new Bts MV, I thought,'Maybe there are hidden messages like before.'So here is my research. Please feel free to add on to it. This is not a 100% perfected theory. I'm simply stating the clues.
As we all know, BTS has focused their comback on one thing. 'The Butterfly.' Why? I'm not sure myself but when searched the meaning of a Butterfly, This shows up. Out of the 13 symbolic meanings listed, I found 5 of them in the MV.
1-SURRENDER It is seen that V and Rapmonster were out at night. V was spray painting the wall and they were found by the police. When they were pushed up against the police car. They didn't resist, they simply smiled at one another.
2-TRANSITION (I couldn't show the video.) In the MV. Jungkook and Suga are fighting. I presume that Suga is frustrated and Jungkook is trying to calm down his hyung but hurts himself. Jungkook is on the floor as Suga throws a chair at a glass mirror. As the mirror cracks, it then transitions to the house of cards ♢♢Jin♢♢ created, falling. There are many scenes of one memory transitioning to another. This is one of them.
3-EXPRESSION In this scene, V is shown spray painting on the wall. Earlier, V is shown Spray painting Jin. He adds an X across Jin's chest. In the Bts Prologue, V is also Shown spray painting the outline of Rapmonster. He adds Devil Horns. This is showing how Rapmonster conceals his evil inside and how ♢♢Jin♢♢ doesn't exist. "X" is denying his existence.
4- CELEBRATION One of the first scenes we see are of the boys celebrating and having a good time. Everyone's life is too short, same as a butterfly (who has a short life span.) Butterflys make the most of their life celebrating their growth from being entrapped in a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly. For a person, their youth is the most beautiful time of their life.
5- RESURRECTION The key moment that lingers in everyone's memory of the BTS Prologue is V jumping off a tall platform into the Ocean. Throughout the MV-Run, we see V struggle while encased in water. At the end, we see V rise out of the water. This is the sign of resurrection.
HERE IS MY EXTRA OBSERVATION. Rapmonster finds an Ace of Clubs card but instead of a Club in the middle, we see a butterfly. Rapmonster is known as the smartest member of BTS. The club represents "an eager search for knowledge." Rapmonster is searching for knowledge to help to other members through their pain. THESE ARE NOT GREAT OBSERVATIONS SO FEEL FREE TO ADD ON OR ASK
What ya talking about?! This is an amazing observation!!! It all ties together!
@Beccachu I know you're not a big fan of theories but I'm rly liking this one.
this is a great theory ! it makes sense! !
It's all so clear now... Thanks!
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