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If you haven't watched Addicted, stop whatever you're doing right now. I want you to log into Netflix and spend two hours watching the hottie William Levy be best kind of man on screen. The movie is truly addicting, and it has a ton of twists and turns. I definitely wanted to see more of William Levy in the movie. Hell, I wish the cameras were on him 100% of the time, but beggars can't be choosers, right?
Here's some sexy, steamy scenes from the movie 'Addicted.'
it was a pretty good movie, he was a total creep though. a hot creep.
@alywoah OK I know I said one can't be too sexy but people some levels of sexy should be illegal ... l mean come on my temperature just increased by...
LOL <3 @alywoah you are a true Levy fan~ <3 Not gonna lie, these might be making me drool a little bit...
haha omg. @Priscilla. Levy is so perfect