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I have founded Invisible Wounds to help raise awareness of Veteran suicides which the current statistic is 22/day on average. That comes out to about one every two hours. That is a travesty, in my opinion. So together with Pete Walker of Allegory Tattoo here in San Diego, CA we came up with this design as a symbol of my movement. Similar to the semicolon movement (A semicolon is a pause in a sentence not a period) which represents suicide awareness. I have made it my own and made it about Veteran suicide awareness. #Namaste #SemperFidelis #InvisibleWounds
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this is amazing. keep up the good work, friend.
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YES! thank you so much for this. My father and brother are in the military, and this issue is one near and dear to me. I volunteered at Wounded Warriors for some time too!
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@warmachine are you military?!
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb yes, I am in the Marine Corps
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Wow @warmachine that's awesome! the few, the proud, right? you all would appreciate this community then!
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