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so Here I know a lot of y'all are good and talented writes or just a good story teller. so I'm going to give you five things that's going to have be in your story. plus you can't write a short story and also its can have a good or bad ending, you have to make me feel the feel. who ever makes the best story can help me with one of my games and stories. so do you want to play. if do just comment below and if you don't just like and clipped kk and also put a little naughty in there lol jk. have fun and write the best. the winner will be the person who have the most likes, comment , or clips kk.
this is when you met, it's the first day of School you can pick which grade you are end put this part have to go from that grade until a couple of months kk.
so now you know where y'all met let's see how long y'all knew each other and did you stay friend or did you see each other after high school.
now you are friends or more but something happens that going to make your life change in many ways.
here the climax okay this were I give you two things. I know there are three picture but both of the pictures goes for one and the other you should not what you and he did again lol
now you have reach the end, what will happen to your ending will you get married or break up, or just stay friends. it's up to you. you pick your ultimate bias and make a Story about you and that person, and if didn't know about the last picture its a friendship with the minions. lol well hope you the best of luck can't @wait to read the ending ready or not write lol
can't wait and see.the winner Yaya BYE @amandamuska @AimeeH @thepinkprincess @emealia please tag so people can play this game or just have fun lol
@Emealia @KellyOConnor @KaylaNoble @KpopGaby @Bitterlimelight @VeronicaArtino @thePinkPrincess it's time to start putting your stories and I'm.about to put mines up ans also Friday 12 midnight is the deadline lol
@KellyOConnor I'm barely done with the first part. And just realized I tagged you instead of @DeniseiaGardener XD
@Emealia I just finished mine... just tweaking some words and I'll have it up soon.. I'm nervous 😨 @DeniseiaGardner
@KellyOConnor I've got mine started,
@thePinkPrincess let's do it I'm doing one too
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