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TG Experiment!
I meant to take a picture before I started eating, but I was too hungry, waiting for the ham that took two hours and all the prep time for the Mac and cheese. So, basically, you make a roux, or rue, by melting butter in a pot/pan and mix in flour until it's smooth and thick, then you add milk, and your cheeses, which in my case were Gruyere and Extra sharp cheddar. Mix in macaroni and mix together well and put into a casserole dish. Then, you put some uncrusted bread in a food processor, melt butter and then mix with the bread crumbs, and spread on top of the macaroni. This one was fun lol @alywoah Just to tease you a bit ;D O:)
This ham was more straightforward lol
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YUM. This looks delicious, Brandon!! @Arellano1052 Gruyere is one of my favorite "grown-up" cheeses heh. I've never had mac n' cheese on Thanksgiving before, but it fits right in! XD
@AlloBaber That was my thoughts when I first used it a few years ago Hahaha That Gruyere was an "adult" cheese, I mean! And @alywoah I don't know haha I thought you were ignoring me ;( Or maybe, that my food was so awesome, that you were rendered speechless. 馃槀馃槀 Lol kidding. Thank you 馃槉 I'm glad you think so! =)
I would never ignore you! I guess I got caught up by the holiday festivities. Did you make that ham yourself? I've never made ham before.