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Okay title says it all let the fan boys and girls fight! Go!
well I'm not taking sides but I will point out a few facts....... 1 saitoma is physically stronger, all gokus moves take almost an episode to use while saitoma needs only a single punch, saitoma has about equal speed to goku, saitoma has better awareness of his surroundings........ I think fact wise saitoma wins since goku can't even get a chance to go super sayin do to one punch mans speed and strength. sorry goku fan boys that's just facts.
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@YurushiNoYami I'm not sure what you mean by all his moves, considering instant transmission, fusion, and the fact that it takes him seconds to go super saiyan now.
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yeah but it takes saitoma less then a second to spear behind goku and punch him @DaiGakuSei
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