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BTS Comeback Feels 馃槱馃槶 Run MV
I'm so full of emotions right now!!! I don't even know how I'm still breathing!!!! Big Hit what are you dooooing??!! I think they're trying to kill us guys
Yes Suga. This is EXACTLY what I did while watching the video!!!! But this this is what YOU did to me!!!
My heart's in a million pieces!!!! I love the video I love the song I love my handsome boys I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!! I'm so proud of them and I'm so happy to be an ARMY!!! This got me right in the feels. The video is so artistic and beautiful!! It depicts the hardships of youth so well!!!!! Agggghhdhsndjjsjsj they're just so cooool!!!! Who told BTS to be this awesome??!! WHO??!!
Here are a couple of scenes that killed me!!
From beginning to end I criiiied my eyes out!!!! Look at how good they look though!!! Ahhh specially Suga
I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us!!!
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