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That's all I can say right now. If you haven't heard the BTS Run MV has been released!!

Now me being the dummy I am, I totally forget about time zones. So you can guess how confused I was when I saw all the MV cards.

I have not watched this MV yet. Nor do I want to. Because right now I don't think my heart can take it.

If you want to watch it, here's the video. I can't bring myself to do it lol

I'm gonna go dig my grave right quick :P

Tell me what you thought of the MV!!

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be prepared babe because your heart will break
I was confused on the time zones too. If it wasn't for YeseniaF I think I would be in your shoes right now.
I cried. I was notified when it was uploaded to YouTube but it took me forever to get the nerve to actually watch it. when Suga got decked I was like DAYUM!!!!!!!!
it was so good, the song is so catchy and they all look super hot