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Seungkwan: Baby Boonon.

(I hope you guys like this one. I kinda drew a blank on the idea I originally came up with but hopefully, you still like it. I feel like the quality of my imagines are slowly diminishing.)
YOUR POV: "BOONON!! COME HERE!" I called. "What did I tell you about calling me boonon?" He said, walking over to me from the kitchen. "I don't know. What did you say?" I teased. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. "This kid...." he muttered. "So what did you want?" He asked, sitting at my feet. I sat up and wrapped my arms around him. "You~~." I kissed his cheek and snuggled closer to him. "Ugh....I told you about this lovey dovey stuff." He blushes slightly. "Oh, but you love it....just admit it." I look him in the eyes and smirks. He sighs. "'re so cute." He tackles me down on the couch and showers me with small butterfly kisses. On my neck and shoulder. I giggled slightly, smiling. He looked up at me and smiled, his blush slowly fading. I admire his sweet facial features and run my hand through his hair, looking at him adoringly. He sighs and bites his lip. "I know I'm not the most romantic guy you have been with but......I love you, (Y/N). So much. Sometimes it scares me when I catch myself thinking about having a future with you. But then you act cute or just behave like yourself and I understand why I fell for you like I did." He tells me, holding my hand and stroking my palm with his thumb. "And when we have moments like this, I feel extremely lucky for being able to be with you like this....... I know I'm in deep because I caught myself daydreaming about having a family with you a couple moments ago and I'm only 17...and I only got a few dollars." He quotes his friend, Vernon. I chuckle slightly at the joke. He looks at me. SEUNGKWAN'S POV: I looked down at (Y/N) as she laughed at my joke. I love her laugh. Its like music to me. She stops laughing and looks up at me, smiling lovingly. "I love you too Kwanny! I love how you're not romantic and how I can annoy you with my lovey that even a word?" She asks. "I'm pretty sure it's not." I chuckle. She and I laugh. But she stops and looks me in the eyes. "But in all seriousness, I do the same. I imagine us being together forever......making a family. It makes me blush just thinking about it..." she covers her face self consciously. I take her hands off her face and lean down, kissing her softly. She responds immediately, sighing contentedly. I pull back and she looks up at me and giggles. "Maybe someday we can have a family~" I suggest. "Yeah....we could have little baby boonons!" She jokes. I laugh and shake my head. "I like the sound of that." (A/N: This was a little more chill than my other imagines. I hope you still liked it. I think it was a little too sweet. Hopefully, I didn't give you cavities.)
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