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If someone were to walk in on you in the middle of you fangirling(or what ever they call it if your a guy), how awkward would it be? I know it would be really awkward in my case.
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Not awkward at all. If I love something, I'm sure as hell not going to hide it. lol :3
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@JacobWilson *high five* Our friends suffer, but in an awesome way. :3
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For me it'd be super embarrassing and awkward. I mean, my friends and parents know that I kind of freak out like that from time to time, and they get used to it. I, on the other hand, like to try and stay somewhat sane... Like that ever works out...
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@Danse Same all the time... especially over the stupid stuff lol and all over my friend Matt (poor kid, never deserved any of it.... )
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@JacobWilson I totally fanboy* all over the place. Squeaks occasionally included. No shame. Hahahaha.
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