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Freezing: Literally tore through the first season in one day. Don't look away. Not even for a second. ●_●⊙_⊙ Also, for those looking, I highly recommend this anime. Just my new obsession.
Plays dirty. Watch it, and you'll see what I mean.(⊙.⊙)
There are also parts that are really adorable too.
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did you watch the 2nd season?
2 years ago·Reply
Of course :) I enjoyed it, I hope they make a third
2 years ago·Reply
I do too
2 years ago·Reply
So I just finished 5 episodes. @SarahRoot It is pretty darn good, I just don't get why disciplining other students means ripping their shirts off lol
2 years ago·Reply
ecchi . xD @crimsonsasuke
2 years ago·Reply