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Liana Liana Alright I just want other people's opinion. I like NaLi better than NaLu because I don't really see why people think Natsu and Lucy are good together. I don't see anything really in common together. And Natsu and Liana (sp) have been together since childhood. Anyway I just want other people's opinion. Comment below!!
Natsu and Lisanna may look good as a couple, but I just don't ship it. Even though they were childhood friends and knew each other longer than Natsu and Lucy, I personally prefer NaLu. In the anime, it mostly show Natsu and Lucy having more chemistry (like bonding in their relationship) than Natsu and Lisanna. Imo, I don't think NaLi will ever happen. I might be wrong, but I just don't see it happening since Natsu and Lisanna lost their "bond/chemistry". In the anime, it rarely show much of the NaLi moments compared to the NaLu moments. I don't have anything against Lisanna btw. I think Lucy is more suitable for Natsu than Lisanna because I can see their relationship working out. Plus, even the author voted for NaLu and named their child (if they had one) Nashi.
@zaperz Yups... preach!! And lissana supports NaLu. She clearly to told Lucy to always stay by Natsu's side.
THANK YOU @zaperz i would not have said it better myself👌✌😆😜
natsu and Lucy is my fav ship in fairy tail
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