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here they have the 7 members
and this is the photo that jimin has in his hand that is going to burn. if you watch well is missing a member in the left part
I think the member that is missing is jin. who do you think it is??
jin is missing here too does it mean that he is the one dead??
thank god i aint the only one who notice that
Wouldn't Jin be the one driving the truck in the last scene? Where Jungkook was looking. Some suggest it was the members saying goodbye to him and accepting his death (as they are all walking away and Jungkook is the last one to say goodbye. But what if (I know his probably isn't correct) Jin isn't dead (as in no one is dead) and he's just disappeared for a while and only Jungkook knew. (That could be why Jungkook seems to not seem as upset as everyone in Run.) and at the end of the Run MV Jungkook is the one to turn around because Jin is returning with the truck? The others just haven't realized its him yet... My idea sounds stupid but I keep thinking that Jin isn't dead.