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BTS RUN M/V plus lyrics and reactions...
ahhhhh guys I love this video and the transitions are awesome! BTS did a great job! I will say though I did kinda feel like I was watching bits from recent Big Bang videos, but they look up to BB so that's okay. The lyrics are awesome and I like the beat. This definitely makes me want more. It made me feel some many different emotions. I have felt like this before in life. I wonder who they were thinking about when making this.....
This video is awesome. The makers incorporated the lyrics in Korean and English plus the music video at top!

What are your reactions? Comment Below! Any one can comment!

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I was confused at first.. but I'm not home and watching it in my phone isn't as good as my TV but at the end after I came on here and read some stuff I started crying like a baby again.. But I love video and the song so much.. BTS can do no wrong
Some ppl were crying. however I loved the song. the video had so much symbolism in it. the guys were hot as always. it did hurt my heart that anyone would break their hearts. @PrettieeEmm