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so I wasn't a wake to see the mv right when it came out. When I heard that it was out I watched. I didn't really cry till I watched it the second time to take screenshots.
The mv is kinda confusing even when I put the knowledge of the meaning of everything I was still confused. the fighting between suga and kookie was hard to watch that's what hurt my heart.
But in the mv they were having fun breaking rules and doing all kinds of things. I would definitely hang with them if they act like that.. what I'm not ready for is the dance I'm scared to see that. But the mv was good I loved it and I'm happy I got it on the same day it was released finally and its not going to mess me up on my finals too. BTS FIGHTING!!!!! oh what did you guys think of the mv tell me. Did you guys like love it have some questions about it. did something confuse you...
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I'm trying not to dig too deep otherwise my head is going to explode ๐Ÿ˜‚