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Breakfast items are one of the most popular food wishes around here, and while this isn’t technically a recipe, it is a critical technique to learn if you want to enjoy blueberry pancakes at their most delicious. Not only does this simple method ensure even distribution, but instead of dry, barely warm fruit, your blueberries will be hot, sweet, and bursting with juice. As far as the batter goes, you are on your own, but if you get stuck, try this old fashioned pancake recipe !! Do not mix the blueberry into the batter, but instead manually put one by one to the pancake!! The blueberry would be more sweeter, more juicy and more delicious !! Enjoy and try it at home, and tell me the result !! I would try it at home one day as well :)
get in my belly!
@kristenadams ;) No pain, no gain ! give it a try. There is always the first time for everything, you see!
@Tapsamai i'll probably burn my kitchen...........not very gifted in that area you see : (((
@brenda996 i am not a baker, but i do have some more recipes for sweet stuff !
@kristenadams do not just love it ;) U need to do it at home as well ;)
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