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I'm gonna have to go with.... Former Captain of the 5th division in soul society, Sosuke Aizen. This guy is so nice when you meet him, I admit it I liked him BUT as soon as I found out what he was doing my liking went from like to hate but not a hate like the one I have for Gin Ichimaru, that fox faced bastard, ANYWAY, it was like a wow you betrayed me kind of feeling but I still like him as a character but not for what he does in the show.
No really am I the only one that thinks that of Gin Ichimaru? I mean look at the evidence... What about you guys? Who is your favorite villain?
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My favorite villain had to be Ginjo and Tsukishima!!! I know Tsukishima hurt my Ichigo, he was pretty darned cute.
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*but he
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Is that the one who filled in for grimmjow when he lost is arm? I thought that was a chick for solo long lol
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@TreverMoon No. They were the last villains in the whole series.
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Oh I'll meet them eventually haha
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