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listening for the last 2 hours on repeat. no shame lol found it on soundcloud cause it wasn't on iTunes when I looked......I'm very sad
@SugaOnTop whn I listened to it I was like screamin my mom came in my room b smacked my head bc she thouht I was goin crazy haha but I was like naw bts r my baes n I will scream fo thm bc I luv thm only thy don't know bc there r a lot of other fans haha n I'll be forgotten haha sad but I still luv thm like crazy~ haha n my mom was like u need to get a life n forget thm Korean boys u always screamin fo u swear I have a mental daughter haha I j gave her the idc look haha
Well yeah I'm just a puddle of tears right now, the visual is already intense and when you add on the lyrics it's Niagara Falls up in my room
WHAT THE HELL!!! I was happy with my life and then BAM bighit had to do that. I'm trying to collect the pieces of my brain from the ground.
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