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I don't usually make theories but I suggest in order to understand this one, Watch the videos in this order
This is also my first Theory so bare with me
I think it’s all a hallucination on Jin’s behalf. I think heś dead. He’s stuck in this in between realm of some sort and is imagining all his best friends and wishing it could all be real. Run tunes in and out from reality (present time) and Jin’s imagination.
Why I think that is simply because the traffic scene gave that away for me entirely. If someone was fucking up my car by spitting and spilling shit on, I’m getting out and whooping ass. But that’s the thing, they were never there, it was Jin who was holding up traffic. That’s why they were honking and that’s why no one got out the car to stop the boys from vandalizing their shit.
Now the fight between Jungkook and Yoongi comes off to me as Jungkook snapping Yoongi, who’s still mourning heavily, back into shape. Jungkook seems to be the only one aware of the situation because maybe that’s how Jin portrays him to be. Which is why both Jin and Jungkook stare off so aimlessly.
The scenes in the beginning with Namjoon by the train tracks of course gives everything away that this indeed has a storyline. He wore the same outfit he did in INU and he was even sucking on the same lollipop.
Overall, Run perfectly transitions into the next video, I Need U.
We were all confused, heartbroken, and torn apart when we watched I Need U, so prepare to feel all of that again but 10 times worse when you realize how messed up Run and I Need U perfectly reflect each other.
In the last scene in Run we saw Jimin in the bathtub looking at the picture that Jin wasn’t in. Jin took the picture, but maybe it was that last picture he ever took of them before he died. Which is why the ending and the beginning of I Need U and Run are the same. I Need U is the video that shows how they’re all falling apart after the death of Jin. The bathtub reminds Jimin of the part in Run when they playfully shoved him in the bathtub. He burned the picture to maybe ‘Run’ from the hurt and mourn he’s feeling on a daily basis because his best friend is gone.
Now if you look closely in I Need U, Jin is there, but he’s also in a plain, cleaned room with a neatly made bed and he’s dressed in all white and holding white flowers. That to me, finalizes he’s gone. When you think of someone dead, you think of someone in clean white clothing of some sorts to symbolize heaven. A room that I assume is clean is his and no one goes in there anymore because maybe it hurts too much to go into the room of someone you loved dearly is gone. I think in I Need U, Jin is watching over the rest of the boys and seeing how they’re turning out after his sudden death.
Remember in Run how there was a hospital scene with J-hope and Jimin? In I Need U, I think both J-hope and Jimin OD’d and they’re in some rehab facility or mental hospital of some sorts. That’s the switch of reality in Run, the hospital scene.
Namjoon and Taehyung and Yoongi and Jungkook were a bit hard for me to crack, but I think I figured it out. Like I said, they’re all deteriorating from the inside out. Taehyung ends up killing someone, Yoongi lights shit on fire, and Jungkook gets his ass beat. Namjoon seems to be the only one who’s stable enough to live a somewhat normal life while healing from the wound that Jin left. You see he also works at the gas station that they stopped at in the prologue right? He’s still wanting some kind of hold to those memories without getting rid of it all to move on.
In conclusion, I Need U is post Jin’s death.
Now I feel like the prologue ties together three important things; memories, reality, and Jin’s imagination.
When the video starts you see a very unhappy, bloody, and crying Taehyung speaking to someone on the phone. We know it was Jin but maybe he called his phone and only got the voicemail but was desperate to hear his voice one or two more times before his phone got shut off. That’s when the reality bit comes into play. Jin is alive in the prologue but not for the entire video. You still see them running in the same areas as they did in the video Run and you see them interacting with Jin in the prologue as well. They interacted with Jin barely in Run because those were memories of the happiest times they had with each other, which is why Jimin was in the bathtub and which is why he burned the picture.
The memories of the happiest moments takes up most of the video in the prologue and so does the video Run. I think they thought to help themselves the boys took a trip to the beach and they were chilling and I think that’s also a memory. Though when Jin was filming and Taehyung was going to jump, that was reality and Jin wasn’t there. The boys weren’t calling him to join them in death, they were calling him down to save him. But something was off and I thought about something else too. I think that Jin is portraying himself onto Taehyung when he jumped, that’s why he was the only one not calling Taehyung down.
At the end we see that Jin is the only one left, not because he’s the last survivor, but because he died at the beach and that’s where he’s stuck. I think Jin’s death was that he jumped, not Taehyung. Taehyung never died. The ending of the prologue was Jin recounting his death but seeing it through his eyes and seeing it being done by someone else.
That’s the beginning of Jin imagining everything with the boys.
Jin is dead, and he’s stuck with his imagination of having these memories with the boys instead of living his life with the boys. And I think he knows that too.
@RainaC3 thank you! You are smart too! Love You!!
I feel like... I feel like this theory is actually legit!!!! you thought it out so well and caught to many details. If only I can read in between the lines of things.. I would not be surprised if this theory was actually what they were trying to portray!! it makes perfect sense!
this just blew everything that I thought of out of the water
overall I think this makes the most sense out of everything I read! it's so sad ):
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