I am a sucker for a k-idol in glasses. Most of the time they aren't prescription and just for style, but I don't really care. Something about a pair of glasses gives me the swoons. So! I decided to look at a specific group, and search each member to see what photos I could find of them in glasses and I started with the adorable rookie cuties Seventeen. Now not all of the members had photos easily found (I didn't search too intensely) so I won't have everyone. *none of the photos shown are my own*


It is actually incredibly easily to find this half of the Meanie couple in a pair of glasses and I'm pretty sure he actually uses them to see. But the pair I found here seem to be our signature glasses that I found a lot of the boys wearing. I approve. Sexy wire glasses.


This cutie face also wears glasses to see I'm pretty sure, since you can see him wearing them a lot in the practice room or just chill time. But these frames once again I'm pretty sure are for style and the same as the ones we saw on Wonwoo. These are now dubbed Seventeen glasses. *probably my favorite photo of him since he looks like Harry Potter and this was before he dressed up as the wizard for Halloween*


The Seventeen glasses strike again! Woozi often times wears glasses in their MVs and is super cute with them. These round frames fit his face wonderfully.


Precious muffin in that first picture, sporting the Seventeen glasses. Here it shows that the glasses do seem to have some level of prescription since they seem to magnify his eyes, but it doesn't look like he is actually wearing them, just trying them on. Not sure. The second and third pic's pair are different, sexy sleek thicker framed glasses and man, they make him look like a handsome son of a gun. I hope that are his frames.


Little baby Seungkwan also looks like he wears glasses out of need but I really couldn't find many pictures so many not. His frames aren't the standard Seventeen frames, but larger plastic frames that look great on him. I adore that second pair. I want them.


Literally the only picture I could find. He looks great in the mature, business style glasses though. But then again, he could probably dress up as a scarecrow and I would think he is the epitome of perfection. I might be biased.


FRICK. Okay so the first pic looks like the Seventeen style, but that second pair is so gorgeous I want them on my face now. Also he is too precious for words.


CHILD CHILD CHILD CHILD. Okay so I couldn't find older debuted Hansol, but I did find adorable baby vlogger Hansol and I'm okay with it. Rocking that Seventeen style before it was cool.


Okay. Rocking those Seventeen frames and looking like a gorgeous creature who descended straight from heaven.


Pre-debut shorter haired cutie looking suave as hell. He should wear glasses more often. Also bonus!Vernon, I'm pretty sure I have that outfit. Stop copying me.
@tayunnie I have a Beast version of this card planned...so. Just you know, be careful the next few days.
omg the one card I was tagged today that I thought wouldn't give me a heart attack.... I'm so dead guys
@baileykayleen COME ON IM ALREADY DEAD
Jisoo looks so good in glasses and Seungkwan wears them because he sees in low-quality. Poor guy. It's a rare disease he suffers from.
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