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I learned about this artist literally last night and I fell in love with her, she was on another Vingler's card with her song Mad Hatter as the AMV for Assassination Classroom. Check her out. I recommend songs like Mad Hatter, DollHouse, Mrs.Potato Head, and Sippy Cup. You can watch them below. EnJoY :3
"Blood still stains when the sheets are washed,
Sex don't sleep when the lights are off.
Kids are still depressed when you dress them up,
Syrup is Syrup in a sippy cup."
"Look at my mom, she's got it going on, Ha
You're blinded by her jewelry.
You turn your back she pulls out a flask,
and she forgets his infidelity..."
The Anime shown here, is Assasination Classroom.
Oh I love Melanie Martinez. I never watch The Voice, but I was at a friend's house one night and they were watching The Voice. She was on there and I fell IN LOVE with her performance that night. So I watched the rest of that season, just because of her. <3 I'll try to find the link of that first performance that I saw. There ya go. I just fell in love with her voice and style watching that.
She looks so young. OH MY GAWD. So cute