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J-Hope - Our Pop and Lock Sunshine

Happy J-Hope day! I've been waiting all week for his day! I'm kind of having a difficult time narrowing down what aspects to talk about but here goes...^_^

Let's just start right off the bat with his dancing!

I was a little sad I couldn't find any gifs of his awesome pop and locks but honestly...

I enjoy some sexy dancing or booty shaking also!

His butt really is something else...

It's a freaking masterpiece!

His silly dances are pretty great as well!

I mean, doesn't this just immediately put a smile on your face?

Boom - instant smile!

Speaking of smile...

It's pretty damn great!

One of those big happy smiles that makes everyone smile!

But sometimes he doesn't smile.

In fact, sometimes he has the most judgemental face I've ever seen.

He could be being only slightly judgey but his face...

It just heightens the intensity!

These two are the best at being judgey. I think Suga wins for most often but J-Hope wins for perfect execution of the face!

Why is it so adorable for a grown man to be scared? I think it's because he's such a energetic guy -

That when he gets scared it's so comical because of his slight overreactions. That's by other people's standards though because I'd be just as scared!

J-Hope is my ultimate bias, he just recently shot up the ranks to ultimate! I love his smile, his voice, his personality! I admire his rapping and dancing, especially his dancing! He's a wonderful person and brightens people's day! I have a lot in common with him and that probably is why I like him so much! This ends Hell Week! We got our run video today!
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I like the war of hormones dance practice:) he act so cute
2 years agoReply
I live for those Jbooty moments lol 馃槀馃槏馃槏 seriously his booty was hand crafted by God just for him. Its too perfect!!!
2 years agoReply
@SusiBosshammer I think we can all agree with that lol ^_^
2 years agoReply
I love him! He's my bias
2 years agoReply
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