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@ChriSingularis, this might come in handy. ^_^ To anyone who plans to travel to New York City in the near future (or just wants to drool over all the amazing food to be found there) – I just stumbled across SeriousEats' ultimate guide to where to eat in New York!
If you want to know where to grab iconic NYC favorites like pastrami sandwiches, the best bagels, and black & white cookies; if you're not sure where to eat before spending the evening at the theater; even if you just want to know where to sample NYC's best desserts under $3 – SeriousEats has you covered.
You can check out the guide HERE!
Oh YAAS, you know me @AlloBaber. Thank you!! I will have a food coma the next visit fo sure
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I'm coming in June....InPlainSight vs Food
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