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Yay this giveaway is almost ending an I could let my brain take a (BTS is ruining my thinking with their new mv) On to my card about the weapon I would love to wield (ahhh stupid feels I cant concentrate BTS stop doing this to me!!!!!!!) well there are many weapons that are awesome with amazing abilities so lets choose one while I still have my sanity..... (NO I DONT HAVE IT....OH MY HOLY HELL.....Like a butterfly~ Butterfly~)
Okay, get your head on straight, think weapon.....weapon...... Okay I got it the weapon I would love to wield is...... Abel Nightroad's blood scythe....have you seen the anime its so badass!!!! Then again I have a thing for anything that is vampire related....I read the novels for this first and then watched the anime because I fell in love with Abel! I dont want to tell you guys the plot (that could be for another time besides being super long and complicated) but this dude he plays think he is not able of attacking anyone but once he goes to his Crusnik form y'all better watch out!!! So his scythe is obviously made out of blood (hence the name) but mainly its his own blood and wow I love it so much!!! There isn't much detail but it says it stronger than steel and harder than diamond....yeah that's it. The novel, manga and anime show the scythe different appearances of it but all seem to have the same design. Pair it with Abel's crusnik form and you got a mighty weapon on your side capable of destroying Rome or any city!!! Tried finding some pics if the scythe but it was hard Tagging @VinMcCarthy @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia
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Great anime show