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Authors Note: Yea so as promised this is Chapter 4 so please enjoy . . .
*the car ride was for the most part silent, except for the occasional chuckling you'd make from the funny faces Jiyong kept sending you* *once at YG* Ji: Jagiya~ stay here I'll be right back TOP:*begins to walk down the hall* [Y/N] : *you look around and you hear his footsteps stop* TOP: ....Well are you coming? [Y/N]:Seunghyun, but Jiyong oppa~ TOP: *Scoffs* he'll find us eventually, come on *grabs your wrist*
*TOP Drags you to the studio and hands you a headset* [Y/N]: what the- TOP: put them on I have something to show you *you place them on your head and your hear music start to slowly fade in* 저기 저 빛나는 별들은 내 마음 알까.....
*the song ends and you can tell TOP is nervous, his action have all become very cautious* TOP: [Y/N].... um----- do you? I...what do you think? Y/N: Its really pretty, do you mind if I burn a copy of it TOP: *chuckles* Y/N: whats so funny TOP: its just that, I kinda already have a copy of it here *he hands you the disc* Y/N: I can really have this? TOP: *teasing* yea, I kind of figured you would want to have something from me since you dont have something as glorious as me Y/N: *chuckles* yea?....what exactly makes you so great? TOP: *moves closer to you* well I have a gift of being able to get what I want Y/N: well thats not a gift thats just natural your TOP basically everything is yours TOP:....well not everything! Y/N: yes it is, basically all you have to do is ask and the world will be at your fingertips TOP: really....all I have to do is ask? Y/N: yea I dont see why not *chuckles*
TOP: *backs away* Y/N.... Y/N: mhmm? TOP: Y/N...*stuttering* make sure you listen to the tape later okay.. Y/N:yea no proble- Ji:*burst through door* TOP hyung! I can believe this!!
TOP: Jiyon- Ji:You didn't tell me you were dropping a mixtape!! TOP: *laughs to himself* Jiyong: im mean....its sounds great you probably worked very hard. Jagiya what do you think you didn't get sucked into TOPs world to much did you? TOP: much did you hear? Ji: well not much since YOU DITCHED ME TO GO TO THE STUDIO TOP: well thats kinda why were here Jiyong.... :P Ji: *teasing* to think I was nice enough to make you guys coffee
TOP: *laugh* its probably stale... like your attitude Ji: at least my Y/N understands me, and will appreciate my hard work *kiss your forehead* *just as your about to say something you hear a sharp intake of breath and notice* TOP: *starting to get up* TOP: Jiyong.... Ji: TOPshi~? TOP: I have to get going I have to meet with Seungri soon. I'll see you later okay. *leaves room* Ji: well okay then....*turns to look at you* Ahhh youre really too cute Y/N: *blushes*
Ji: *grabs you cheeks* Jagiya~ [Y/N]: *kisses him* Oppa~ *series of aegyo* Ji: JAGIYA!! [Y/N]:OPPA!! Ji: JAGIYAAAAAAA [Y/N]:OPPAAAAAAA Taeyang: *singing* PSYCHOS Ji:Youngbaeeee
Taeyang: *chuckles* come on, lets go [Y/N]: where to? Taeyang: to Seungri's house duh its getting late, he'll be sleeping soon ;P
The famous jiyong vs top action xD lookin forward to it 👍🏻
the drama I are brewing...the feels...the roller are a word Smith @kwonofakind
gahhh i just got hooked up damiit!!! ♡ 😍
ahhh this is so oooooo good!
@ZitaMahoney Thank you, im really glad you like it!!! I'll be updating really soon :D
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