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Ok so as I was watching it I was trying to see if there were things that linked up and we'll these are just my thoughts. Honestly I watched it like four times. The first time I was so confused on what was going on plus them feels.
In the beginning you can hear their song Butterfly. I don't really know where I was going with that it just caught my attention. (Also I've never really done this so yeah sorry)
Honestly I have no idea what's going on but I noticed that when Jungkook and Suga were fighting tooth there intern them in the blue writing it says "look for you" I'm not sure if they maybe had like a falling out or maybe Suga was over stressed and Jungkook was trying to bring him back to his senses so he wouldn't lose himself because of what ever pain he was feeling.
When it got to this part I was quickly reminded of Jimin's part in I need u and it made think that maybe this is like an alternate universe or something and they're there to help him cheer up so it won't end up like it did in the I need u MV. Then the words on the door caught my attention too. Inhale. Exhale. Breath.
This part to me seemed like the house represents them being in like a state of limbo or numbness because of what they went through and V is the one that's like giving them a wake up call back to the "reality".
The quote on Rap Monsters jacket caught my eye because it says "There is always sunshine in my heart" too me that gives me the sense of happiness and hope and not giving up. Idk if maybe I'm just influenced by everyone else's theories that I've read or if it does mean something.
This last post made me think that in the beginning when he went down it meant that he had kind of given up. And while he was underwater it could of meant despair, worries, maybe hurt, all those negative emotions. But his friends were there trying to help him overcome it and not to lose hope and in the end he realized and that's why he came back up to the surface. Because at first you see him being calm underwater but later on it seems like he starts to regret it and starts to "fight back" that's why he starts squirming a lot.
Also when I see V underwater like this it reminds me of when he jumped from that tower thing into the water.
@Meeshell yeah that's what I'm thinking because when in the beginning when he first dropped he seemed calmed and like he had given up but as it kept going and they showed scenes he started to struggle and seemed frantic. And then at the end he comes back up. So I thought that maybe his friends were telling him not to give up and to move forward. Well that's what I got out of it.
I'm not sure what to add, cuz we all seem to be of the same mind. It's almost as if all the boys are struggling through the whole MV. did anyone else notice in the end, with the boys around the truck, that in the photo, one is missing? I think it's Jin? I can't quite tell, the camera is too far back. But in the video part at the beach, Jin (if that's who it is) is standing by the open door on the left hand side or the truck, but in the photo Jimin is holding in the next scene, he's not there. Not sure if that means he's the one taking the picture, or something deeper. There are definitely hidden meanings and clues all throughout this MV. I don't think I've watched it enough times to really come to a set theory as to what is going on. The only thing I have going is the Suga/Jungkook fight. Suga is 'drowning', suffering, and Jungkook is trying to help, even getting physical to bring Suga back to his senses. But Suga is pushing him away... that's all I really have right now. I need to go watch it again...
@KellyOConnor I'm a wreck as well my heart can't take it. Hopefully ibighit will give us a clue our be more clear. @PrettieeEmm I agree I just kind of thought that because some of the scenes seem to similar like also when they were all running through the tunnel thing they did that in I need u too and it seems like if it were the same place. I agree though some one shine some light! 😭 @Kieuseru yes exactly. Hmm I think I know what you're talking about. I felt like if that's the case maybe that's why Jungkook looked back and smiled? There are. I kind of just made it as I watched it I wrote down my thoughts because that's what it was telling me. I agree 100% with the Suga/Jungkook thing. I felt that too. @krin omg I agree it's like this is too much. Why you playing with us like this ibighit?! 😭 also I've never really made one of these theory type things so I felt like it might not have been as deep as others.
umm yeah i dunno what to feel anymore i'm a wreck but that sounds really plausible
you know we're all trying to understand what happened and how bad they trolled us.. it's just driving us crazy and sad.. I hope someone others writes something so good to calm our hearts so we can stopping over analyzing it and enjoy the beautiful music they make and the joy they bring us.. cause honestly my heart can't take any more theories 😒
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