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So let's talk about Jhope! First I'm going to tell you all that he's my bias wrecker, and then I'm going to backtrack a bit :p
When I first got into bts(and kpop in general) I HATED J-Hope, like, a lot. I saw the video of hi kissing v and he seemed to like it where as v seemed uncomfortable. Which made me bad, but let's be real, I was just jealous 😂
The more I watched bts the more I began to love him. He's funny, a good dancer, cute, a good rapper. Basically what I'm trying to say here is he's perfect guys...
I would always picture v as "my boyfriend," and that left Jhope with the bestfriend role in my head. At times I'd question who my bias was, hence bias wrecker lol.
When they tried to kick him out of the band for being "too ugly" I was enraged. He isn't ugly at all, he's beautiful. And even if it was the case, he's in a band, not on next top model and he's REALLY talented.
Jhope is my hope :) 💚
I'm really excited to see his performance and the other members too in their comeback!! :)
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