ok so after watching the mv to Run and realizing that hey Jin is actually the one who died.. I started looking into the butterfly concept here's what I found
if you read the last 2 paragraphs and watching their album photos plus the prologue you'll notice that Jin only ever noticed the butterfly it.
the clue was he was the dead one all along...
now if you notice Kookie and Suga also have a butterfly in their pics
difference is its flying above Kookie like Jin is flying above him to take care of him..
Suga has a butterfly tattoo because Jin is always with him..
In "I need you" they seem to take the most drastic approach regarding the way they cope for Jin's death.. Suga burns himself and Kookie let's himself get run over.. now reading the comments I've noticed ppl say that they could've been a couple and that's why they fought after watching the teaser.. but to me it always seemed like they were brothers and Kookie was trying to stop him from drinking so much and hurting himself and after not succeeding he just gave up..
So the rest of the guys we never really see them die we just assume they did.. Hobie od's and collapses but we seem him wake up in "Run" Jimin is just crying in a bathtub he could've also tried to drown and that is why they are both wearing white and they seem to be in a hospital.. Rap Monster we never see him die or try to hurt himself.. V killed his Dad and then jumps from the tall thing however its in water, we don't assume that he can swim.... So if we think about it and dig deeper it's some sort of dream like/limbo thing where we have to distinguish between reality and hallucinations Maybe I'm rambling trying to make myself feel better who knows.. but we did miss a few clues Let me know if you guys find anything else I might have missed or what you think of my craziness
Wow. I like it. A lot. Nice job
makes me feel better