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The One Piece Hype Train Is Real


Okay so I just finished the latest episode of One Piece and I just have one word to say: WOW. Luffy's rage at the end there was pretty legit. I can't remember the last time I saw him so pissed. As everyone finally finishes their battles and turns toward Luffy and Law battling it out against the last two standing Doflamingo Executives (Trébol and Doffy), it feels like we took forever to get to this point. With that said though we still have a week until their showdown actually begins.
However, despite Dressrosa's slow beginning, in these past couple weeks the shit has really hit the fan. I haven't been this hype since they came back to Sabaody after their 2 year training session. The part that I love the most so far is when Zoro displays his new abilities which he didn't really get to showcase in the Fishman Island or Punk Hazard arcs. He's always been my favorite in the show and always will be so that kind of disappointed me but I knew he would get his moment eventually. I've added a link to a video of his new moves above. Actually linked both the full fight (first one) and just Zoro's new move (second one). *If you haven't watched it yet view at your own discretion*
Compared to the other One Piece arcs I'd say Dressrosa isn't bad but has been going on for quite a while. Although its length is merited considering there was so much that needed to be explained before they could even start loosening Doffy's grip on Dressrosa so I can't really complain that much. All in all Dressrosa isn't too bad but these next few episodes are definitely going to be badass. Hopefully.

All I know is that I can't wait until next week to see the next episode. I need it now. My body is ready

I'd love to know your reactions to the latest episode. Did it get you hype or did you find yourself saying, "well it's about time"? Sound off in the comments!

Lol shhh @CarissaLeal
I'm so anxious now!
I'm caught up in both the manga and anime but I prefer reading the manga and I have to say A LOT of good shit is in store for you all watching the anime 😄.
I know right me either @UzumakiJess
I cannot wait!!!! @MajahnNelson
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