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I've played my share of JRPG's and I must say that a great majority don't disappoint. For example, this is Eryn, a fairy that can become a weapon for the main hero in Fairy Fencer F for the PS3. Currently, I'm playing SAO: Lost Song. I'm actually trying to get watchers and people to talk anime with. My twitch name is TimtheBattousai. Spread the word because I'm a bad ass player and want to make friends! :)
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I've really enjoyed Disgaea and Agarest Wars, I'm debating on whether or not I should get the SAO new game.
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I want to get into the Agarest games, as well as the Disgaea games. My favorite RPG series are Wild Arms, Lunar, and Final Fantasy, as well as Xenogears.
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I started with Final Fantasy when it was still on NES, amazing series! Wild arms is like Fire Emblem, vastly underrated but the story is great. I've also played Xenogear, but not Lunar, what's that one like?
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Lunar is the definition of fantasy and RPG! All the elements come together so well! My favorite is Lunar: Silver Star Harmony!
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