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December is almost upon us!

It's time to share all your awesome Korean Drama knowledge with Korean Drama December!

Each week will have a different theme for you to post awesome reviews, screen shots, reactions, recommendations, and questions :D

Historical Drama Week:

Faith, Gu Family Book, Moon Embracing the Sun...the list goes on and on!

Supernatural Drama Week:

Scholar that Walks at Night, My Love From Another Star, even Secret Garden!

High School Drama Week:

High School Love On, To The Beautiful You, Reply 1997, Shut Up Flower Boy Band!

Romance Drama Week:

Fated to Love You, Playful Kiss, Boys Over Flowers, the gushier the better!

Who wants to participate?!

Message me if you have any more ideas^^

I'll post a card at the beginning of each week to remind everyone~

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Meeeeee!!!!!! 🙋
2 years ago·Reply
yes I want to make kdrama recommendation cards on these genres
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
I would
2 years ago·Reply
I can't wait to make so many reviews for High School and Romance week because I've watched alot of shows for those genre's!
2 years ago·Reply