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Welcome to Historical Drama Week!

Time to share all your favorite moments from Historical Korean Dramas :D

Be sure to tag me in all your cards^^

Check out:

We tried to choose the Best Historical Drama --> HERE
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And @stacyneroland has some suggestions ---> HERE!

What's your favorite Historical Drama

(or character from a historical drama?)

Post a CARD about it or leave a comment!
First announcement card is up!
My favorite historical drama was jung yi, the goddess of fire. 🔥
@SabrinaSakura with Kim Bum, right?!
You know what's great about this? Just from the cards you linked here I am already finding more dramas to watch! Well, maybe that's a great thing ... or not? ^^ (Since I already spend most of my waking hours doing that)
i dont have a favorite i just watch historical dramas i prefer they than any of the other type of dramas