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Sagittarius time!✨ ✨
I'm super late with this post Love Bugs. This is focused on the Sagittarius sign. Any Sag signs out there I would like you to add random Sagittarius facts according to you. Also no Sag signs if you dated or had some interaction with a Sag comment them below!
Famous Sagittarius. I did not catch everyone I just dropped a few!
Is this true my fellow Sagittarius? Is this some of what you hate?
Bedroom... I say, you do what you do
When it comes to love .. Everyone needs some loving ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
My personal experience : I am a Cap and have dated a Sagittarius in the past. We did not get too far off the strenght that we were both strong willed. He had his "this sound be final law" & I had " what law? I'm sorry I forgot to listen to your misguided law" so you can only imagine Love Bugs the annoying cycle. Stubborn (me) VS I'm right (him) . Sagittarius as friends I am just fine lol! I have plenty! We get along and just have a good time. Great to talk to (when I feel like talking. Yup that is my personal problem lol)
So Happy Birthday If it pasted me by and Happy Birthday early if it's just not time yet :) Rock on Sag Rock on L A Von York @AlloBaber @shannonl5 @amobigbang @BeannachtOraibh And the rest of Vingle family xoxo
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@NerukaWong lol at least you are being honest, so you are not a complete liar 😂😂😂
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@AlloBaber when I get better I will make a birthday 🎂 card so everyone can comment their day. I have so many Gmail email addresses I might use one just to keep track of Vingle community birthdays :) birthdays are important 😊
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all of that is right XDDD OMG. the only thing I disagree with is which signs are easier or more difficult in relationships. every relationship is hard. But anyway, my boyfriend is cancer so you can imagine the whole thing going, "don't smother me when I'm in a bad mood" him: "you're mad at me, aren't you? you Want a hug, that's it, come here" "stop. stop it. leave me alone. go play with your cat" "no, I'm hugging you and you're gonna like it!" "omg."
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and my birthday was last Saturday c: so woo! 19!
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did you hit Aquarius yet?
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