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I'm super late with this post Love Bugs. This is focused on the Sagittarius sign. Any Sag signs out there I would like you to add random Sagittarius facts according to you. Also no Sag signs if you dated or had some interaction with a Sag comment them below!
Famous Sagittarius. I did not catch everyone I just dropped a few!
Is this true my fellow Sagittarius? Is this some of what you hate?
Bedroom... I say, you do what you do
When it comes to love .. Everyone needs some loving ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
My personal experience : I am a Cap and have dated a Sagittarius in the past. We did not get too far off the strenght that we were both strong willed. He had his "this sound be final law" & I had " what law? I'm sorry I forgot to listen to your misguided law" so you can only imagine Love Bugs the annoying cycle. Stubborn (me) VS I'm right (him) . Sagittarius as friends I am just fine lol! I have plenty! We get along and just have a good time. Great to talk to (when I feel like talking. Yup that is my personal problem lol)
So Happy Birthday If it pasted me by and Happy Birthday early if it's just not time yet :) Rock on Sag Rock on L A Von York @AlloBaber @shannonl5 @amobigbang @BeannachtOraibh And the rest of Vingle family xoxo
@ButterflyBlu I love that idea!! We totally should!! @LAVONYORK want me to get everyone's birthdays and signs and you or ButterflyBlu could make monthly cards? I mean, it seems like you're doing that already! So sweet of you!!
Hmm. Maybe we should do a calendar of birthdays for those who want to participate? Then we could have happy birthday cards and such in the community. I'd be willing to do the cards. <3 Thoughts?@AlloBaber @LAVONYORK Lydia, you're a Capricorn? So your birthday is in January?? (Not entirely sure of the range...)
I'm one too
To all the Love Bugs – @LAVONYORK made an awesome card for all Sagittariusses!! (Sagittarii??) So happy birthday if that's you - let's show LAVON some lovin'! :D <3
@RobertMarsh happy birthday. This is pretty neat. I'm an Aries
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