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Another Theory: BTS~ Run
*Warning if you haven't watched the video don't read ahead*
I just thought about a theory right now! Ok So in the beginning you see V standing there going into the water backwards but he looks exactly like Jin when he stands... As well he isn't wearing any shoes. *Also in the gif you can see a shadow that transitions into a shoe until he hits the water there are no shoes!*
Which brings me back to this theory that someone created that is about going back in time.(Someone please tag me in it because I can't find it to credit that person) Since watching this video for like the 100th time ( I think?) I can theorize that this video reminds me very much of a K-drama.
The K-drama is called God's Gift: 14 days which is about this little girl that mysteriously drowned in a lake and somehow the mom and some dude go back in time to save her. Soon enough they find symbols that lead her to why she drowned. The first one was that some lady at a shop told her that to fix the past someone has to die. So the duo figured out why the woman's daughter died and soon enough the guy who helped find her died. (Remember Jin is the mom of BTS)
Also in the Drama the mom took a Polaroid picture with her daughter and somehow throughout the whole drama she wouldn't show up until they figured out the case. Same goes for the prologue MV with BTS... Remember that first ending of Butterfly when Jin pulled out the Polaroid no one was there. But then Big Hit deleted the scene and now during the end of Run MV, six members showed up except one which many of Army are saying it was Jin.
The drama ties in with the MV since when watching the Prologue video we can see that V says hyung on the telephone which many had said that could have been Jin. Meaning since Jin is the oldest he would do anything for the other members. Soo since all the others survived Jin took one for the team and to only see the members not suffer but according to other Army theories the members suffered so much which is shown in their I Need U MV and Butterfly Prologue!
Well everyone who participated in this crazy roller coaster of feels!! Please comment down below what you guys think!!
Credit to gif of Run MV:
The rest of the pictures I found on google and the rights go to the owners of the pics and gifs!
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I don't think my feels can take anymore
2 years ago·Reply
@nerdy3000 It does make sense though. I wish they'd come clean and tell us what the heck is going on
2 years ago·Reply
I just want to know what's going on really badly. I tried not to get drawn into theories but now it's too late for me. First, I thought everyone was dead except for Jin but now I'm thinking Jin is the only dead because there's brief scene where J-Hope is in the hospital with an IV so I'm thinking Jin is just dead and watching over everyone and pretending like he's still alive? Ugh, this is just driving me nuts! When "I Need U" first came out I didn't think that much about it because there wasn't any other context (i.e., there wasn't "Run" or any of the other promotional stuff hinting at a storyline). I just thought it was a really random M/V that was different from their earlier stuff.
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@ButterflyBandit you can also say that he is in coma and never actually died?
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