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Welcome to High School Week!

It's time to post all your favorite moments and characters from high school dramas!

Be sure to tag me in all your awesome cards^^~

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What's your favorite high school drama or character?!

Post a CARD or answer in the comments!
of course Boys over Flower like i watched it 20 tmes Lol
I don't really know if this qualified since she was a teacher in love with her student, but...Flower Boy Ramen Shop. And of course, Boys over Flowers. There is another one, I forget the name of (someone help me out here)...she gets pregnant in high school and loses the baby, evil mom separates them by shipping her off to the states, his parents take him away on an extended vacation, they don't see each other for like 10 years, they both think the other left without saying goodbye of their own free will so they are angry with each other, they fight, discover the truth and rekindle the old flame...yada yada yada.
of course reply 1997!!
boys over flowers, school 2013, and dream high
oops my bad I'll post a card later lmao!
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