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Welcome to High School Week!

It's time to post all your favorite moments and characters from high school dramas!

Be sure to tag me in all your awesome cards^^~

Check out:

When you see couples at school ---> HERE
My Reply 1997 Review! ---> HERE
Hana Kimi vs To The Beautiful You ---> HERE!

What's your favorite high school drama or character?!

Post a CARD or answer in the comments!
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of course Boys over Flower like i watched it 20 tmes Lol
2 years ago·Reply
Ouran High School Host Club and, Orange Marmalade, To Be Continued, High School Love On and both Dream High and Dream High 2
2 years ago·Reply
I will be making review cards on some of my favorite high school kdramas, such as Reply 1997! I think my favorite high school dramas are the Dream High series!
2 years ago·Reply
It would have to be Dream High
2 years ago·Reply
Dream High is my high school drama fave so far! I love BOF, but I don't feel like high school was the biggest focus in it. To The Beautiful You was pretty good, too. I surprisingly haven't watched Reply 1997 yet haha
2 years ago·Reply