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Drama December: High School Week!

Welcome to High School Week!

It's time to post all your favorite moments and characters from high school dramas!

Be sure to tag me in all your awesome cards^^~

Check out:

When you see couples at school ---> HERE
My Reply 1997 Review! ---> HERE
Hana Kimi vs To The Beautiful You ---> HERE!

What's your favorite high school drama or character?!

Post a CARD or answer in the comments!
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of course Boys over Flower like i watched it 20 tmes Lol
2 years ago·Reply
Ouran High School Host Club and, Orange Marmalade, To Be Continued, High School Love On and both Dream High and Dream High 2
2 years ago·Reply
I will be making review cards on some of my favorite high school kdramas, such as Reply 1997! I think my favorite high school dramas are the Dream High series!
2 years ago·Reply
It would have to be Dream High
2 years ago·Reply
Dream High is my high school drama fave so far! I love BOF, but I don't feel like high school was the biggest focus in it. To The Beautiful You was pretty good, too. I surprisingly haven't watched Reply 1997 yet haha
2 years ago·Reply