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Prologue Theory
I know many ppl are going nuts about the theories on BTS. I'm loving it since we do a lot of this stuff in English if you major in English. In order to understand the Prologue you must have watched I need you by BTS. OF YOU HAVEN'T STOP READING THIS CARD AND WATCH I NEED YOU AND THE PROLOGUE BACK TO BACK. THIS CARD IS A SPOILER!

I need you by BTS


Prologue by BTS

My Theory


All the memebers die except Jin and V according to the I Need you video. Rap Monster die by the cigarette and the gas station Jimin drowns in the tub Jungkook gets beat up by some thugs then hit by a car. J-Hope overdose and dies on bridge Sugar kills himself by setting himself and a hotel on fire. Jin is in a mental hospital of some sort. Obviously, not a good one of he can just leave a will smh..... V kills his sister's or mother's abuser and calls Jin for support. That's how the Prologue begins. Jin has blood all over his hands.


The I feel most of the Prologue is through the eyes of Jin who is a mental patient who might suffer from some type of hallucinations. Throughout the video V is seen away or off to the side. He's constantly climbing up stuff....hinting to his suicide. Now the other members show up, but still they are dead. Only Jin can see them. We as the audience can see them too cuz once again the video is through Jin's eyes. I feel they came to give a warning or message. However, Jin misses this since he's just enjoying that they are around. The video camera represents Jin's being out of touch with reality too.


Now the other members show up, but still they are dead. Only Jin can see them. We as the audience can see them too cuz once again the video is through Jin's eyes. I feel they came to give a warning or message. However, Jin misses this since he's just enjoying that they are around. It's odd how in the Prologue some memebers mimic their death. Sugar is seen lighting a flame with the lighter. Rap Monster is pumping the gas. Jimin is shivering and J-Hope places a blanket over him. After the tub scene he is seen shivering. I didn't catch how the other mimic their deaths. I feel Rap Monster also confirms their death by writing we need to survive in the mirror. This could be a message to Jin and V, but they miss it. Just like how Jin missed all the clues of V wanting to commit suicide. Also the picture that Rap Monster takes did not show the other members...this also supports the theory that they are dead too.
I feel like V represents the butterfly. They have a short life span. In other words if it's true that he killed himself then he did not live long either. When he jumps he looks like a butterfly to me against the sky. Some ppl say that Suga and Jungkook are a love interest and that's why they are always together. But I think hum.....I don't know about that one. They say that's why he ran away and got beat up (Jungkook) for being gay. Sugar killed himself because of the conflict of loving another male. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT ONE GUYS? I MEAN WE DO SEE THEM ALONE A BIT AND JUNGKOOK DOES BLOW OUT SUGA'S FIRE! IDK However I don't think they are lovers. You will see Jimin and J-Hope together too. Instead Suga and Jungkook remind of the twins in Neverland. They are just really close friends. I will expand more on these two when I do my theory card for Run. I think everything hits Jin when he sees that picture and he's the only one in it. Maybe he is the one to survive. Ppl think he could have killed himself maybe drove into the ocean since his truck is seen surrounded by water.

Theory of Transition...

One could also say that this video represents transition. BTS are doing news thins especially with this new comeback. If you look at how they were when they first debuted to know they have came a long way. Perhaps, this stage in their careers is the time for transition....the next level. We as fans can see that they are brining their stuff to the next level. Butterflies as we seen in the video naturally goes through transitions or stages to become a beautiful creature. They play alot with fire and water. This too came be seen as becoming something new. If you think of the Phoenix you think of fire and rebirth. You burn and come out something brand new....better....again another transition. Something can go into water and come out refreshed or brand new. BTS is always reinventing themselves. They strive to be better than they were before.
I'm done. I could go on and on....


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@amobigbang oh I haven't realized that. thank you! I'll read after I finished studying for my test tomorrow. wish me luck! *hugs kisses*
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oh my god you just blew my mind. I actually didn't thought that maybe because I've been too busy with school and i haven't been updated with what's happening but wow. I've been watching the original I need you now that I've seen the prologue I am seriously like wow. and to tell you the thruth I wouldn't until I watch it 3 to 5 times then I will get it but not like the way you just explained. thank you for the update and explanation
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@NSSagasshi take ur time hon....I pray you do well. I know you will kick that exams butt lol @shantalcamara we used to do stuff like this in my English classes. I was an English major...I love doing this! I can't wait for the next video. SIDE NOTE JUNGKOOK VOICE OMG!! HE'S THE NEXT PANTY DROPPER! BUT ONLY IF MY HUBBY NAMJOON APPROVES LOL!
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馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 thank you @amobigbang
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