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So I've been really anticipating this album! Ever since I heard Butterfly in the prologue video! I was impressed from what I heard in album preview and today finally listened to the whole album <3 Must say I really love it!
1. Never Mind: uhm can I just say swag? Suga get it!! Really shows off his rapping and you can feel the emotion behind it. Really awesome.
2. RUN: holy @$%#-$+##. The MV is so freakin good!! So many emotions. I hope my fellow ARMYs are still breathing after watching~ The song is so good!! Has a really nice beat and the pre chorus slow down is fantastic before the catchy chorus! RUN RUN RUN! RUUUUN~ Really love the switch up of the feel of the beat through out the song. Can't get the melody out of my head <3
3. Butterfly: this song slays me. <3 I GET CHILLS like legit. Their vocals sound fantastic and again a refreshing beat! The little guitar part goes very well as well as the slower drums. The arrangement of this song is really brilliant I think. <3 (I'm totally going to write choreography for this whole song if BTS doesn't have a dance to it already) <3
4. Whalien 52: Also a refreshing beat. No more, no more babe~ ^^ Prolly a tiny bit bias, but love J-Hopes part in this song! Lol the ad lib high notes at the end, I was caught off guard a tad at how high it was, but honestly ends the song nicely. Good song!
5. MA CITY: LETS GO!! This is totally a strut through the crowd type of song! Upbeat and I feel my confidence go up a bit listening to. SAY LA LA LA LA LA! This is like a major feel good song Lol. I haven't looked up the translated lyrics yet tho. Easy song to dance to as well! Very good song~ Musicality in the song is pretty good too. Rap parts are super on point good! ^^ Really like this song ~
6. 뱁 새: This is like the cypher of the album! The instruments in the song sounds so cool. The pre chorus is awesome! Def an awesome song. Shows off BTS hip hop style very well <3
7. Skit: One Night In A Strange City: Haha not much to say here. I'll have to look for a translation later. I swear I just hear V say Hyung a lot and J-Hope laugh. ^^ A few words I understand since I've started studying Korean but I'm am very much so a beginner
8. 고 엽 : I really enjoy the beat and feel of this song. Never Never fall~ Really enjoy listening to this song. Vocals and rap are good as expected of BTS. The piano notes ending the song is quite very nice <3
9. Outro: House of Cards: THE CELLOS (I think it's cellos...might be basses actually, idk) are gorgeous!! Plus the piano is lovely. Add in the amazing vocal line into it and dude this song is really really nice!! The fade out at the end too. Beautiful way to end the album. <3 ughh its so good!!
HIGH FIVE AND FANDOM HUG ARMYS!!! Cuz this album is fantastic!! Can't wait to the the choreography for RUN! <3 My fav song is Butterfly prolly followed by RUN and MA CITY. What is your favorite song from this fantastic album?? <3