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4 Phrases With: YOONGI!

Welcome to my "4 Phrases" series!

Suggest a person/character and I'll post phrases each week using them^^

These are all informal, so use them with your friends only :D

1. Correct / You're Right!



2. What Did You Say!?



3. Boring / This is No Fun!

재미 없어

(Jae-mi eob-seo)

4. OUCH!!!!



Suggest an idol, actor, cartoon character, ANYONE and I'll teach 4 Korean phrases using them :D

(Leave them in the comments or message me!)
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Taekwoon aka Leo from VIXX
2 years ago·Reply
Chou Siwon or Jay Park
2 years ago·Reply
or Jimin, or Choa of AOA
2 years ago·Reply
lee min ho or wang jackson or jun jungkook ;)
2 years ago·Reply
*whispers* what about Zelo? :33
2 years ago·Reply