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So lately i have been hooked up with the fact that this song is related to the MV of I Need U (besides all the theories and hints in the I Need U MV).
So apparently i believe that maybe the MV for Run is like a flashback for I need u. It shows you what happens before the deaths start to happen. The reason i believe this is because the MV reflects on how the boys used to have so much fun before all except Taehyung and Jin (i think) died. The train cars, the tub where Jimin burns their picture and the pond where i think is V drowning. When Kookie looks back at the car and the rest of the guys are walking at the end of the video i think in that part it shows that in THAT video he's the only one left and the rest possibly died.
Honestly IDK what i'm thinking about or what i'm saying right now but perhaps my theory is right (...or not). Can you help me!!?
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