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Words That Start With "ㅅ"
In this series, we'll practice coming up with words that start in a certain letter. Today's letter is:

ㅅ or "s"

You can write either: 행복 or haeng-bok but be sure to write the translation as well :D

Its totally okay to post the same word as someone else - this is all about practice!

Leave all the ㅅ words you can think of in the comments:

Some ideas:

사랑 - Love
스팸 - Spam
쓰다 - To write
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I think I misspelled 선물 and put 성말. Yep, just checked it. Sorry.
2 years ago·Reply
새로운 - New 생일 - Birthday 🎉 사무실 - Office 🏢
2 years ago·Reply
사과 sorry
2 years ago·Reply
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ my name 사리나 Sarina
a year ago·Reply
시로 - shi-ro ( don't want to) 가둬-apple 사람- people 삼 - three
a year ago·Reply