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Welcome to this week's edition of the Funny Community weekly game - "SO GOOD OR NO GOOD"! Every Monday, I post to ask your opinion on various things that a lot of people either strongly love or strongly hate, and then share the full community results!
Last week I asked you how you felt about french fries and mayonnaise! Out of the 78 users who voted either way, fries + mayo were decided to be 'NO GOOD' by 43 voters.
That means FRENCH FRIES & MAYONNAISE ARE NO GOOD!!!!!!! (But, if you haven't tried French fries with garlic aioli yet, please make that a goal. You're seriously missing out.)
A lot of you had really interesting things to say about the combination last week that got me thinking. Apparently, french fries and mayonnaise are pretty much standard in parts of Europe, particularly Germany. And @nicolejb, News moderator and French fries and mayo loyalist, suggested that the mayo in this part of the world is a LOT better. Has anyone else been to Europe? Can you confirm/deny?

This week's game involves perhaps the most polarizing flavor of the holiday season - EGGNOG.

I want to know: Do you think eggnog is SO GOOD or NO GOOD?

This thick and creamy concoction has been the holiday beverage of choice since the 18th century.

But some people think it's about time we update the tradition - a gingerbread latte, perhaps?

But how do YOU feel about this yuletide libation?

Debate, debate, debate!

I really got that excited at the mere mention of eggnog...wow. LMAO 馃槀
SO GOOD! Yus! Regular and coquito and pumpkin spice, etc. JUST YES. I can drink eggnog all day everyday!
eggnog with cinnamon and whipped cream. TIS THE SEASON
I drink it, get sick, curse it drink it again get sick again curse it repeat entire holiday season
if I could have it year round I would 馃槏 its delicious!
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