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The defending EPL champion has been nothing but disappointment this season.

They are currently in 14th place and it looks like it's going to be hard for them to keep a spot in the UEFA Champions League next season.
And Diego Costa made things worse during their game against the Tottenham Hotspur yesterday.
Diego Costa, who had an impressive season last year as the squad's starting striker, did not warm up when he was told he was not going to start the game against Tottenham.

You couldn't find Costa during warmups.

Former QPR manager, Harry Redknapp commented,

"There would be murders,"

if a player had done a similar thing in a team he was in charge of.
Now this was the highlight of yesterday's game. After Mourinho used his last possible substitution card on a different player, Costa took off his reserves vest and threw it, almost hitting Mourinho.

What is going to happen to Mourinho, Costa, and Chelsea?

@jeff4122 I think a transfer during the winter transfer period is more likely......
I honestly could see a scenario in which they make up and Costa catches fire come January. By the same token, I could see Mourinho selling Costa at a bargain price in the transfer window to lessen the burden on the squad.