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i ship Vhope and thanks @StarlingLegend for making the first pic the second is mine (i know not as good)
i would love to date V but seeing V and Jhope like this i can see it and its cute and if they do date ill support them intel i die
here are some Vhops moments
V gets jealous when Jhope doesnt give him his attention or when he is paying attention to jimin to much
and Jhope he gets jealous too
@amandamuska yes I do. :) I have a list
@amandamuska I'm not trying to like come at you or anything. I just was coming up with an idea of why. I think these ships are pretty cute as long as they stay, like, Pg to pg-13 lol. I'm not entirely sure what you meant in your comment just now but I didn't want you to be offended.
yea im the same too with my friends but i was using @MadAndrea
I ship V-Hope but honestly a lot of the jealousy stuff. I tend to get like that with my really close friends, I don't like seeing my friend be super friendly with other people sometimes because I feel like I'm unnecessary or replaced at that moment. I'm possessive of my friends, even if I'm friends with the other person too. Not always but sometimes.
@nnatalieg yea dont you ship more people like markson
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