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I'm guessing all of you have seen the "Run" MV since it basically took over the Internet (well most of it ;)) and if you haven't, GO WATCH IT NOW OH MY GAWD ITS AMAZING AND HEARTBREAKING AT THE SAME TIME. Anyways, I've watched it about 50 billion times and have been on the verge of tears all 50 billion times.
Since I would like to share my sadness (I swear I'm not a bad person), here is a list of things that made me feel the feels: ~Jimin in a freaking bathtub ~Jin looking at the camera sadly ~V struggling in the water ~Jungkook punching Suga (bad oppa) ~V and Rapmon getting arrested ~J-Hope waking up in the hospital with Jimin waiting for him ~J-Hope falling asleep in the hospital ~Rapmon walking on the same tracks from the I NEED U MV ~Jungkook looking at the camera at the end like he did in I NEED U before he got his by the car (ughhhhh) ~All of them walking in the end except for Jin which implies that he is the one that Jungkook is looking at ~Jungkook pushing Jimin under water in the bathtub playfully ~Jimin burning the picture of all them in the end ~Butterfly playing in the beginning }|{ ~JINS FREAKING CAMERA FROM I NEED U PUT THAT THING AWAY ~"Run, run, run" ~Their hair (c'mon we all know we love it) ~The footage from both the prologue and "Run" MV And in addition to this, the comeback is tomorrow (or today for some people) I can't handle all of these feels 😭
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noo stop!! I literary just stopped crying (after watching it for a 4th time) only to start again!! 😒😒😒